Wuhan Defu Economic Development Co., Ltd is a perfluoralkane manufacturer; electrochemical fluorination technology is its production method.
    Founded by some middle and senior technicians from Wuhan changing chemical factory, Defu is a private hi-tech stock company.
    Our products include perfluoralkylsulphonic acid, perfluoralkylcarboxylic acid, perfluortertiary amine and their derivative. We are the earliest Perflurooctane Sulfonyl Fluoride manufacturer in China , 90% of them are for export. Our fluorine surfactant has been used in petroleum exploitation, fire fight, textile finishing, waterproof paper, film, electrical appliance and the protection of cultural relic.
   There are two production bases and one fine fluorine technology institute in our company; at the same time, we have established good cooperation relationships with some colleges and institutes. Our perfluoralcohol, perfluoralkyl acrylate and other fine fluor-chemicals have become very popular in the market.
   Defu sincerely hopes to make cooperation with all friends, technical organizations and technicians around the world.


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